Cardio Workouts

Hi Beauty Bodies! Cardio is the topic, I know I dread it, and everyone secretly does, BUT WE NEED TO DO IT! So, on that note, I have put together just a couple easy ad quick cardio workout all body weight based! So, when your feeling like just getting you cardio done and out of... Continue Reading →


Full Body Workouts

Hey Beauty Bodies! So, if you are looking for some full body workouts that will kick your booty into shape then you came to the right place! I have created some full body workouts that cover every muscle group in your beauty body! I will eventually be adding more full body workouts as time goes... Continue Reading →

Abs & Core

Hello there Beauty Bodies! So I know people say that getting a flatter and sexier tummy is mainly 80% of what you eat, and only 20% of what you do in the gym, but I find these ab workouts that I have been using to be very satisfying when it comes to getting that tummy... Continue Reading →

Lower Body Workouts

Hey Beauty Bodies! I know I'm about to talk about the one day at the gym everyone dreads (including me) LEG DAY!!! I know it feels like your body is about to fall over, and your legs are jelly within 20 minutes, but I think these workouts I have put together, and used a lot... Continue Reading →

Upper Body Workouts

Hey Beauty Bodies! So, I collaborated a few upper body workouts that I have used in the past 8 weeks, mostly and more heavily in the last 4 weeks. I have divided them up into different sections including "shoulders, back and chest" and "biceps and triceps" and "full upper body" workouts! I did this so how... Continue Reading →

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