About Me

Hey guys! I am your Beauty Body blogger. I guess you guys should know a little bit about me if you’re going to (hopefully) be following this blog regularly.

So to start off I am 20 years old, but i certainly don’t feel like it (I think I have working out to thank for that.) I have an awesome boyfriend who supports me and my working out (we workout together a lot honestly). I am a working out enthusiast, but I love food too! Ha

I have been working out since freshman year in high school, and like everyone I had my moments where I would stop, and come back to it, stop and come  back to it, AND stop and come back to it again! This honestly was because I had a busy life of work, school, friends, boyfriend, etc! But, I managed to stay seemingly fit with sports in high school! Then, not too long ago I told myself no more quitting. You stick with working out, and you don’t stop! I had realized all the times I did stop was because I was focusing on trying to get that “perfect” body that I always wanted. But, then I came to the realization that my body is never going to be perfect, and no one’s ever is! Everyone is different and perfect in their own ways. So, to me there is no perfect. We all can only strive for progress, and keep striving for that throughout our workout journeys! (Hence why all my posts end with talking about progress over perfection).

So I am just here to help you all start to strive for some progress, and not focus on being perfect. Because all of you are already perfect in your own ways!



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