Workout with XFitness

Hey everyone! So, I know I have posted some workouts to start with on here for every section of your body, but I now have a way you can track these workouts easy and from your smartphone!

I downloaded the XFitness App the other day because well I had heard great reviews on it, it would help me track my progress, and help me see exactly what I did on my workouts on certain days. So I went ahead and downloaded it, and IT IS THE BEST APP FOR WORKING OUT! I swear! It has so many features that are beneficial! For instance, it allows you to create your own workout plan, with whatever exercises you want, for whatever days of the week! So if you want to work out on chest and triceps for Monday and Wednesday, you can go a head and make a custom chest and triceps workout for each Monday, and Wednesday! It also has SOO many exercises to chose from when creating your plan, and its all categorized from arms, back, chest, shoulders, legs, abs, and even cardio. And, when you click on one particular exercise, it even shows you what muscle groups that exercise targets, and how to do the exercise as well. It allows you to chose the recommended number of sets and reps you would like to do for each individual exercise you chose too! Then, even if you didn’t quit hit that recommended number of reps or sets, then that is okay, because you can record your workout as you go, and you can put in the actual amount of reps and sets you did for each exercise for that workout that day! It also allows you to record how much weight you used for the exercises. This was we can all track how strong we are getting throughout the weeks. Not only that, but at the end when you hit “finish workout” it shows you how long your workout was, how much weight you lifted, and my favorite part, HOW MANY CALORIES YOU BURNED!

Overall, its very easy to put my Beauty Body workouts into this app, and track your progress, and go back and look at it in a few weeks and see how far you have come!

Always remember.. strive for progress, not perfection! 🙂


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