Upper Body Workouts

Hey Beauty Bodies!

So, I collaborated a few upper body workouts that I have used in the past 8 weeks, mostly and more heavily in the last 4 weeks. I have divided them up into different sections including “shoulders, back and chest” and “biceps and triceps” and “full upper body” workouts! I did this so how ever you workout, either on full portions of the body such as upper body, or work on certain multiple muscle groups at a time, then you can do so! I will be uploading more workouts focusing just on certain muscle groups more in depth, such as just biceps, just triceps, and so on! I hope you guys enjoy these workouts and feel free to comment with questions or comments! Also, I would love to see the amazing progress you guys are making with these workouts, so go ahead and post some progress pictures,


These workouts all require just some free weights, whether you workout at home or in the gym, you can get in that upper body workout for the day!

Remember… Strive for Progress, NOT perfection! 🙂


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