Lower Body Workouts

Hey Beauty Bodies! I know I’m about to talk about the one day at the gym everyone dreads (including me) LEG DAY!!! I know it feels like your body is about to fall over, and your legs are jelly within 20 minutes, but I think these workouts I have put together, and used a lot over the last 8 weeks will really change up your leg day workouts, and go by just like that (without wanting to fall over!) So put in your head phones, or get with a workout buddy, and try out these few leg workouts! These are all body weight workouts (certain exercises you can throw in some dumbbells for), so whether you want to workout in the park, at home, in the gym, or in your dorm room, you can get those thighs and booties burning!

 I’ll be adding more lower body workouts as my workout journey continues!

 Lets see you work those sexy legs, and remember, strive for progress, not perfection!


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